Environmental Protective Services

Transformer PCB and Oil Removal.

Environmental Protection Services (EPS) leads the way in disposal and recycling for the electrical industry. With 30+ years of expertise, EPS handles transformers, electrical equipment, PCBs, and dielectric fluids, significantly reducing environmental risks and costs. Trusted by the U.S. EPA, EPS offers cutting-edge solutions for the most contaminated materials.

Product Overview : Transformer and Oil and PCB Removal & Disposal – Recycling & Refilling with Soybean Vegetable Oil.

EPS is one of a select few companies approved by the EPA as both PCB Disposal Facilities and PCB Storage Facilities. EPS specializes in PCB transformer disposal and the disposal of other PCB equipment. Their disposal experts developed a two-stage PCB transformer disposal and recycling process. The first stage is a rinse process, and the second stage is incineration through the EPS furnace. The advantage of the EPS PCB transformer disposal method is that no toxic RCRA chemicals are used for the decontaminations process. This further reduces liability and risk. The hydrocarbon solvent used for the transformer decontamination is recycled through our proprietary PCBX process. The fluid is then re-used for the next rinse batch. Our unique disposal method is compliant with EPA 40 CFR 761.79. As an EPA-approved PCB Commercial Storage Facility, EPS also offers landfill disposal for waste generated from PCB spills in both bulk and drummed waste.