About Us

MISSION - To represent manufacturers of Environmentally Friendly Products that are, energy efficient, recyclable and can help contribute to the GREEN BUILT Environment. 

VISION -  To have specified in new and existing buildings products that exceeds the Federal Regulated Standard, improves the energy efficiency, reduces greenhouse gases and contributes to the GREEN Built Environment.

Technical Group Services, Inc. is a Manufacturer Representative whose market are New Jersey, New York’s Five Boroughs, LI and PA. The Quality Companies we represent manufacturer Sustainable Products that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, recyclable and can help contribute to the LEED Rating System of the building.

We represent highly efficient transformers that has less losses than the current standard, test equipment for energy-power quality and thermal imaging, power regulation, management services for environmental protection and power quality consulting and feasibility studies.

We can document the Energy Savings Calculations and Environmental Impact for your Power Distribution Equipment when specified in your project. New Power Distribution Technology is helping to lessen the environmental impact to our Planet. Let us help you to be a part of Greening our Planet with Sustainable Power.