Circuit Tracers

Quick and Easy Wire Tracing with the Smart SensorTM AT7030_PCAT1x_328x220.jpg

Tracing Wires in Walls, Ceilings and Floors

Tracing wires can be a challenge. The Amprobe AT-7000 makes tracing energized wires easier and more accurate than ever before. The Smart Sensor’sTM patented sensor array and advanced signal processor provides instant feedback of wire location and direction on the large TFT LCD color display. Easily determine the direction and orientation of wires in walls, floors and ceilings up to 2 in/5 cm accuracy. 

Breaker Tracer

The Amprobe BT-250 Circuit Breaker Tester works on powered systems from 90 to 250V AC and is designed for use in residential and light commercial environments.

The BT-250 Circuit Breaker Tester is a preferred solution for the latest in code requirements. Identify circuit breakers fast and efficiently.


Underground Cable Locator

Keep productivity high and operational costs low, with the Amprobe AT-3500 Underground Cable Locator. It is the rugged, economical solution for locating cable, wires and pipes that are underground if they are energized or de-energized. Great for parking lot and airport lighting applications, it precisely pinpoints buried services, with exceptionally fast sound and meter response.

The backlit, multiple-segment, bar graph, digital display, plus audible indicators easily locate cables and wires. The AT-3500 Underground Cable Locator employs the proven 33 kHz frequency for most locating applications. To avoid lines at utility construction sites, it also offers the highly sensitive power and radio modes. Take depth measurements with the simple press of a button.

Wire Tracers

The Amprobe AT-1000 Wire Tracer is just what you need for routine maintenance and troubleshooting. 

This electrical wire tracer is easy to use, fast, and extremely accurate for tracing wires and detecting shorts, breakers, open conductors, and fuses from up to 3’ (.91 m) away. The AT-1000 wire locator tool traces both energized and de-energized lines and identifies control, alarm, and telephone system cables and coaxial shield cable.