Medium Voltage Liquid Pad-mount Transformers & Substations

  • Our current product scope includes ONAN/ONAF ratings up to 60/112 MVA with primary voltage ratings through 230 kV.
  • An extensive range of features and accessories are available, including GSU units, Autotransformers, Dual voltage units, on-load tap changers, forced-air cooling systems, different types of fluid preservations systems, and other options to satisfy the special requirements of virtually any application.

Submersible MV Transformer

  • All designed with increased margins of safety and reliability

Network Transformer, Junction Enclosures, Voltage Regulators and Controllers

  • Core and Coil Design
  • Fluid preservation system-sealed tank

Pad-Mounted Sectionalizing Equipment

  • Oil filled, pad-mounted device intended for fusing.
  • Sectionalizing and tapping applications on medium voltage underground electrical distribution systems.
  • Switch-Pad™ can be provided in a number of different configurations including one-, two-, or three-pole designs
  • Available with numerous switching and fusing options.
  • Housed in the same oil-filled enclosure used for single-phase pad-mounted transformers, Switch-Pad™ will blend in well with other pad-mounted equipment in any underground residential or commercial system.

Pad Mount 3 Phase Transformers

  • 45-10,000kVA
  • 2400V - 34,500V
  • Dead Front & Live Front