Transfer Switches

The Lake Shore Electric Corporation Transfer Switch provides dependable, positive, transfer to an emergency power source in the event of normal power source failure. 

  • The switch returns the system to the normal power source in an orderly fashion when normal power is restored. 
  • In the event that the emergency source fails, the switch will automatically return to the normal source when it becomes available, bypassing all time delays.

Utility Metering Transformer Cabinet

Lake Shore Electric Metering Transformer Cabinets provide a safe, convenient and standardized method to install and maintain utility metering current transformers.

Quick Connection Cabinet

The Lake Shore Electric Corporation Quick Connection Cabinets offer a safe and simple solution to connect a portable generator to a facility distribution system.

Area Protection Panel

Designed to monitor multiple points in an electrical system for proper normal source voltages. In the event of a failure in any area, a contact output will be given to the emergency power system to initiate and supply the emergency loads. Upon restoration of the normal power source the emergency system will be signaled to disengage and return to normal power.

Generator Surge Protector

Provides surge protection for AC rotating machines operating at output voltages from 2400 VAC to 24,000VAC. They are typically applied directly at the generator output terminals.

Service Pedestal & Streetscape Panel

Provides electrical power distribution to various areas such as parking lots, street lighting, traffic signal control, pump stations, cellular applications, recreational fields, pavilions, etc. 

Custom Products

The Lake Shore Electric Corporation has accommodated most types of generator control switchgear applications. From simple single engine solutions to more complex switchgear for emergency, standby and prime power applications incorporating multiple engine generators and various options such as import/export control, cogeneration, base loading, peak shaving, and or soft loading and unloading.