Powersmiths is committed to helping to build a sustainable future by supplying products and services that help our customers:
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High Efficiency Transformers

Your building's transformers are your first line of defense against rising energy prices and power quality concerns. Powersmiths’ ultra-efficient transformers:

  • Considerably reduce electricity waste
  • Increase reliability
  • Offer lower lifecycle cost
  • Reduce noise and heat
  • Integrate options for safe and effective preventative maintenance
  • Meet footprint requirements through extensive configurability

Energy & Power Management

Managing energy consumption and energy costs are high priority for all organizations. But you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Powersmiths’ Cyberhawk family of power and energy management systems help you:

  • Understand usage patterns and profiles 
  • Identify cost avoidance opportunities
  • Evaluate power quality and promote system reliability 
  • Monitor and evaluate efficiency programs 
  • Provide data for high performance building commissioning and validation


Power Quality & Reliability

Power quality and reliability are important elements of a sustainable electrical supply. Poor power quality can adversely effect power consumption or in worst case scenarios lead to equipment malfunction or breakdown.

Powersmiths manufactures products to help you to ensure the reliability of equipment connected to your buildings power system as well as the reliability and quality of your buildings power supply.

  • Enhance reliability
  • Improve power quality
  • Protect against equipment malfunction caused by excessive voltage distortion
  • Reduce electrical waste

Data Center Solutions

With high power density comes the potential for large amounts of electricity waste and environmental impact. In mission critical environments, the reduction of a single watt of waste at the distribution transformer can result in 1.5 watt saving throughout the whole system. In a facility this equates to thousands of kilowatt hours of energy waste avoided annually. In mission critical environments, the impact of Powersmiths’ sustainable design is quantifiable and visible.