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outsmart your building enertgy loss

Your building’s hidden energy loss is costing you far more than you might realize. As buildings age, the potential damage is often hidden behind a well-maintained façade. Construction or maintenance defects, structural cracks, imperfect seals around exterior doors or windows, weather extremes, or results of a shifting foundations all lead to energy loss and increasingly high energy bills

How do you determine where the hidden damage might be and how do you prioritize your maintenance and repair dollars?

Edifice Rex identifies external building issues that cost money and pollute the environment. Using a unique, patent-pending Artificial Intelligence technology combined with industrial drone efficiency, Edifice Rex determines the actual costs resulting from not addressing the identified issues, allowing clients to prioritize necessary repairs, retrofit and determine maintenance needs with pinpoint accuracy

Your Drone Energy Audit in Three Simple Steps:

Aerial Thermography

  • Drone flights, with highly specialized infrared cameras, capture thousands of visual and thermal images of your building envelope...down to the square inch
  • Energy Loss Analysis and 3-D Modeling

  • Patent-pending software interprets these images and creates 3-D models of your building showing where energy is lost and calculates actual potential kilowatt and dollar savings achieved if corrective action is taken
  • Building Envelope Health Report

  • All clients receive a comprehensive written and visual Building Envelope Health Report that provides the information to make data-driven decisions regarding your building, including exact cost savings for remedying each defect and assuring that you are in compliance with local building safety laws.

  • Edifice Rex helps you prioritize repair, maintenance, and retrofit needs and simultaneously calculates the payback in estimated energy savings
  • Discover Potential Threats Before They Become Costly Problems

  • HVAC leakage
  • Water leakage
  • Failing slabs
  • Façade instability
  • Roof deficiencies
  • Solar panel issues
  • Inadequate wall insulation
  • Degraded exterior window and door seals
  • Post-retrofit concerns
  • Construction or maintenance defects
  • Structural crack and joint issues
  • And so much more....

    Canadian-based QEA Tech has completed more than 150 building audits and is represented in the U.S. by Edifice Rex. Edifice Rex provides affordable answers that accurately pinpoint your structure’s hidden energy/environmental/safety issues.

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