Janitza Electronics


Janitza Electronics® offers you a complete range of power monitoring units with the corresponding accessories. These equipments and power analysers help you gain a comprehensive overview of your energy supplies and introduce the correct measures. The power quality is also monitored according to the general valid standards (e.g. EN50160).

Product Overview : Modular energy measurement device UMG 801

The Janitza UMG 801 is the All-in-one energy monitoring solution and offers various communication interfaces and enables direct data transmission to higher-level systems via OPC UA, eliminating the need for costly integration.

    Product Overview : Power Quality Analyzer UMG 512-PRO

    The Janitza UMG 512-PRO is particularly well suited to the monitoring of power quality in accordance with current standards, e.g. EN 50160, IEEE519 or EN 61000-2-4.

      Product Overview : Multifunction Power Analyzer with RCM UMG 509-PRO

      The multi-purpose unit for integration into control panels. Continuous monitoring of the power quality, analysis of electrical interference in the event of network problems.

        Product Overview : Power Analyzer UMG 604-E PRO

        More than just a multifunction measurement device. Multifunction measurement device, transients recorder, meter (kWh, kvarh), peak load optimisation, harmonics analyser, PLC, state monitoring, event plotter, data logger.