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Power Feasibility Studies

A Power Feasibility Study report is for Retrofit and New Constructions of Low Voltage Transformers. It will be prepared for businesses, buildings, facilities, municipalities, schools, universities, etc. based on a list of dry type transformers.

The purpose of this PFS report is to investigate the economics of replacing the existing dry type transformers with PowerSmiths Ultra High Efficient Transformers which exceeds the Federal Efficiency DOE 2016 by 30-50% less losses and estimate the Energy Reduction (savings) and GHG (green-house-gas) environmental reduction based on 32 yr. Life Cycle Cost.  

By estimating the savings and reduction, using the Energy Savings Payback Calculations (ESP), a determination can be made whether to continue with the project and replace the LV Transformers.

Energy Saving Payback Calculation

We calculate your ROI and environmental benefits.

Power Report

The report will justify energy savings for new projects and retrofits.

Click on the link below and complete the questionnaire. Report will take 1-2 weeks which will include the PFS Report, ESP Calculations, Transformer Brochure and Engineering Specifications. 

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